Camilla Liénart

Ph.D – Marine Biogeochemistry & Trophic Ecology

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My name is Camilla, I’m a French marine biologist and biogeochemist. I grew up snorkelling in the Mediterranean Sea with the idea of an underwater world full of treasures and strange creatures to discover. Since then, I never stopped being curious and asking myself questions about the oceans, that’s why I decided to make my dreams a job by becoming a marine biologist.

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Field observation of fur seal colonies in New Zealand, November 2011
Getting ready for a recreational dive in Utila, Honduras, May 2017


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Who am I ?

In 2010, I started my Ms.C in Oceanography and Marine Sciences at La Sorbonne Université in Paris. Thanks to most of the researcher teaching in this program, my appetite for science was satisfied and the appeal of research built up. During my final year, I took part to a 3 weeks sea campaign in the South-West Pacific ocean for my master thesis project with the National Museum of Natural History of Paris. This experience was a decisive step to continue my training as a researcher. I graduated in December 2016 with a Ph.D in Biogeochemistry and Marine Ecosystems from the University of Bordeaux.

I started in March 2018 my first postdoc at Stockholm University in Sweden. My research focuses on the blue mussel (Mytilus edulis) condition and ecology, assessed with stable isotopes, in relation with ecosystem changes with a special focus on the impact of increasing cyanobacterial blooms in the Baltic Sea. From May 2020, I will lead my next postdoctoral project at Tvärminne Zoological station in Finland to continue my research on similar thematic.


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