isoecol 2018 - Here we go !

10 / 05 /2018 – C. Liénart

Both abstracts have been accepted as posters for IsoEcol 2018 conference.


  • Stable isotope analyses of archived blue mussels from long-term environmental monitoring programs in the Baltic Sea 
    (current postdoctoral project)
  • Dynamics of particulate organic matter composition in coastal systems: forcing of the spatio-temporal variability at multi-systems scale (from Liénart et al. 2018)

IsoEcol 2018 is the 11th International Conference on the Applications of Stable Isotope Techniques to Ecological Studies. A great opportunity to meet people for all around the world working with the same tools with similar research thematic. Getting excited to see the program !

Hope results from the δ15N on Amino Acids of the blue mussels will be ready to be presented.

More info soon about the days of the sessions for these posters.


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