Teaching & public awareness

Academic teaching & student supervision

Teaching is, to me, an important part of a researcher’s work. The transmission of scientific knowledge and expertise to future researchers requires patience, implication and a desire to share in a caring and relaxing atmosphere. I attach a great importance of developing students open, critical thinking and collaborative mindset.

I have been in charge of tutorials over 2013-2015 at Bordeaux University in Bachelor of Sciences 1st, 2nd and 3rd year in general biology, with topics such as microbiology and cell biology, population ecology and animal systematic.

During my postdoc at Stockholm University I had the opportunity to be in charge of a group project within the frame of the ecotoxicology course for master degree (stable isotopes analysis with R, Bayesian models) and to be part of teaching team in biogeo and marine biology program (bachelor 1st year) for the Baltic Sea environment summer field course. 

I also had the opportunity to co-supervise students from diverse backgrounds which was a rewarding experience !

2019 – Christophe Robinson, BsC 3rd year (2 months) Impact of cyanobacterial blooms on the blue mussel condition and diet: a mesocosm approach “, Department of Ecology Environment and Plant Sciences, Stockholm University, supervision 100%.

2019 – Lydia Kallberg, MsC (6 months) ” Evaluating a coupled embryo-isotope approach in a key-invertebrate species as an environmental status assessment method in Langebaan lagoon, South Africa “, Stockholm University. Master thesis within the frame of a collaboration between Agnes Karlsson (Stockholm University) and Deena Pillay (University of Cape Town) on the project ” Toward ecosystem-based management of critical marine habitats: assessing multi-stressor impact in coastal systems “.

2016 – Clémentine Seguigne, MsC 1st year (2 months) “Study of particulate organic matter origin in coastal system using fatty acid approach“, co-supervision Université de Bordeaux & Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle (MNHN, Paris), supervision 50%

2015 – Carla Labarthe, BsC 2nd year (2 months) “Elementary and isotopic analysis of benthic primary producers signature“, Université de Bordeaux, supervision 80%

2015 – Pierre Ramond, MsC 2nd year (6 months), “Particulate organic matter quality in coastal and littoral systems: spatio-temporal variability and forcings“, Université de Bordeaux, supervision 33%

2014 – Paco Rodriguez Tress, Professional internship (2 months), “Characterization of land use in the main French watershed and their influence on the supply of particulate organic matter to coastal waters“, Institut du développement et de la Géomatique (IDEGEO, Toulouse), supervision 60%

2014 – Hortense De Lary de Latour, MsC year 2, “Quality and composition of particulate organic matter in estuarine systems – a multi-system approach“, Université de Bordeaux, supervision 30%


Public awareness

I find it crucial for the non specialized public to be aware of the results of scientific studies. Therefore, I strive to share my research in different ways such as participating in popular science events or organizing conferences about the oceans in French high schools (spring 2017).

I am also currently working on a blog to share some scientific information in a fun and simple way about the oceans, its inhabitants and the major issues and concerns that link to it. The work still in progress … link to come soon !

Private guided tour for my Grandma at La Rochelle Aqurium, March 2018

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